Enhancing Floriculture Pest Management Practices

Posted on November 1, 2012 By Flowers Canada Posted In Current Projects

In May 2011 Flowers Canada received approval to fully fund a study to examine the environmental fate of pesticides in greenhouse conditions as well as evaluating potential pesticide risks to greenhouse ornamental workers.  This type of data is often required to register new pesticides, and the lack thereof has been a significant impediment to pursuing new pesticide registrations for over 12 years.  This is a multi-year study that will benefit floriculture farmers by providing confidence in the safety of their crops, add to an existing residue database being built by Health Canada and lead to several new pesticide registrations.  Physical research began in May 2012 at the University of Guelph.  The products we studied were:

Nova (myclobutanil)

Previcur (propamocarb)

Overture (pyridalyl)

Rimon (novaluron)

Aria (flonicamid)

Once final reports are prepared and audited by the hired quality assurance staff member at the university, Flowers Canada will meet with PMRA to determine if present risk assessment defaults can be revaluated. 


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