Research in Water & Nutrient Management

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GRET 11 Research Update

GCII Poster 2021 (Canadian Greenhouse Conference)

GCII Technical Report

GCII 17 Dehumidification Factsheet

2019-2023 Pond Management (COHA7)
COHA7 Factsheet - Aquatic Vegetation
COHA7 Factsheet - Hybrid Treatment Swales
COHA7 Factsheet - Aeration
COHA7 Factsheet - Sonication
COHA7 Factsheet - Covering your Pond
Final project summary (COHA7)

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2019-2022 Hybrid Treatment Systems - Pesticide and PGR removal study (COHA8)

COHA 8 HTS Factsheet

VIDEO summarizing HTS #2 study

2014-2018 Hybrid Treatment Systems (HTS) - Nutrient and Pathogen removal study
This project was made possible with funding provided by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to achieve objectives in the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan, and with funding from Agriculture & AgriFood Canada
Factsheet 1 - constructed wetlands (EN)

Factsheet 2 - bioreactors (EN)

Factsheet 3 - land application (EN)

Factsheet 4 - vegetative filter strips (EN)

Factsheet 5 - Hybrid Treatment Systems (EN)

Factsheet 6 - using petrifilms (EN)

Outdoor Growing Nutrient Management Study

Research Update BMP Feb 2018

BMP Poster Hydrangeas

BMP Poster Chrysanthemums

BMP Poster Irrigation

BMP Poster CRF vs WSF

BMP Research Update Feb 2017

Project Reports

Molybdenum Study in Poinsettia 2014

Stormwater Overflow Study 2014

Floriculture Water Characterization Study 2015

Water Treatment Guide (updated 2022)


FCO conference 2017 alh In house tools

FCO conference 2017 jw talk 1 BMPs

FCO conference 2017 jw talk 2 HTS