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Growers Pesticide Safety Course

Tuesday June 9th, 2015 at the Vineland Research StationLearn about pesticide safety practices specific to greenhouse applications.1. IPM in the Greenhouse2. Worker Safety…

News - Article

CFIA looking for comments on a new standard for the Greenhouse Nursery and Floriculture sector

CFIA have engaged in a process to develop a voluntary standard that aims to create a framework for a consistent approach to controlling plant pests in the greenhouse, nursery and…

News - Grower News

Vineland Innovation Report 2015

For the full report, click here

News - Announcement

Changes to CITES Permitting Causing Some Trade Difficulties

The Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) regulates movement of some plants produced by Canadian flower growers. While CITES makes permitting exceptions…

Grower Spotlight

Waymar Flowers Ltd

Vineland Station, Ontario

Waymar Flowers Ltd started out in west St.Catharines in 1987 by Henk and Ineke Vandewetering. At that time they grew summer cut flowers out in the field. But it was not until 1990 that they built their first greenhouses and started growing cut flowers year round.

In 1995 they moved to a new and their current location in Vineland, further expanding the business to about 80,000 sqft of greenhouses. Henk's son…

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Flower in-season

  • African Lily Indoors (Agapanthus species)

    Agapanthus is Native to South Africa. The tall vertical flower stems are topped by a lush cluster of blooms. Brings a distinctive architectural style to the interior and a refreshing tropical feeling. Plant in the garden when flowers have faded and this perennial plant will bring…

  • Allium, Ornamental Onion (Allium species)

    Ornamental onions are quite elegant compared to their edible relatives; garlic and onions. They grow naturally throughout the northern hemisphere and small regions of South America and Africa. Allium blooms symbolize unity, humility and patience.

  • Anthurium Indoors (Anthurium species)

    Anthurium bring the beauty of lush, green foliage to any room, with little care. An added bonus are the large, interesting blooms that look as if someone painted a leaf with glossy enamel! The blooms make for long lasting cut flowers, but be cautious of the sap, which can cause skin…

  • Zebra Plant (Aphelandra squarrosa)

    One look at the foliage and there's no question about how this plant got its common name. The deep green foliage with distinct white veins instantly brings to mind an image of a striped zebra! Makes an extraordinary display when in flower. The booms are actually small and…

  • Butterfly Flower, Milkweed (Asclepias species)

    Grows in wild, open spaces in nature and brings a cozy, natural feeling to arrangements. Butterflies adore this flower so expect a few visitors if you use it in outdoor arrangements. Butterfly Flower symbolizes “let me go”.

  • Aster (Matsumoto, Callistephus chinensis)

    Matsumoto Asters are a cheerful addition to any bouquet. Their bright yellow centers give them a daisy-like charm. Asters are the birth flower for the month of September and symbolize “variety”.

  • Baby's Tears Indoors (Soleirolia soleirolii)

    From a distance Baby’s Tears could easily be confused for moss, its low habit and dense mat of dainty little leaves cover the ground like a carpet. Its delicate charm conceals a surprisingly rugged plant. Baby’s tears grow very quickly, and look charming trailing over the edge of…

  • Begonia Rieger (Begonia x hiemalis)

    Rieger begonias are a cross between tuberous and wax begonias. The result is beautiful glossy foliage with an abundance of dainty flowers. The blooms are an interesting combination of single and double-petaled flowers all produced on the same plant. Adds color and cheer to any room…

  • Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata)

    Boston Ferns are a top houseplant choice for their lush foliage that looks great with any décor. They thrive on humidity, so daily misting in winter months and a gravel and water-filled saucer beneath the pot in warmer months are highly recommended.

  • Bougainvillea Indoors (Bougainvillea species)

    Bouganvilleas are easy to care for and add a tropical touch to interiors or outside on the patio or porch. They come in a variety of brilliant colors. The flowers are actually very small and inconspicuous; it is the colorful modified leaves, called "bracts" that produce the fabulous…

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