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News - Event

Event: Farewell to Graeme Murphy & Welcome to Sarah Jandricic

Flowers Canada (Ontario) and the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre are thrilled to welcome Dr. Sarah Jandricic as OMAFRA's Greenhouse Floriculture IPM Specialist. Sarah…

News - Article

SURVEY for Sector Economic Impact/Deadline Feb 13

Dear MemberThe Ontario Greenhouse Alliance (TOGA), representing both Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) and Flowers Canada (Ontario), has engaged MNP LLP (MNP) to conduct…

News - Grower News

Growers Guide Assurance of Biocontrol Products

Successful biocontrol programs are dependent on a number of factors, but good qualitynatural enemies are fundamental. However, as living organisms, biocontrol products aresubject…

News - Announcement

Winners of the Caring for Ontario’s Land and Water Award at the WAMQI Wrap-Up Symposium.

Farm & Food Care celebrated the success of the 28 Water Adaptation Management and Quality Initiative (WAMQI) projects March 3, 2015 in Guelph. Several project leaders…

Grower Spotlight

Niagara Tulips

Lowbanks, Ontario

Niagara Tulips Ltd. specializes in greenhouse produced hydroponically grown, soil free cut Tulips. We use no pesticides and the plants are clean for shipping.

Established in 2005 it is an international venture combining the knowledge and experience of tulip forcing from the Netherlands in a North American production facility. The Van Hell’s bring their experience and skills operating and managing a greenhouse in Canada…

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Flower in-season

  • Anemone, Pasque Flower, Wind Flower (Anemone species)

    Anemone is Greek for “wind flower” because the seeds of the flowers are carried long distances on the wind. The charm and beauty of this flower have been appreciated since the days of the ancient Greeks. It can be found mentioned in many ancient myths and stories. The flower…

  • Anthurium Indoors (Anthurium species)

    Anthurium bring the beauty of lush, green foliage to any room, with little care. An added bonus are the large, interesting blooms that look as if someone painted a leaf with glossy enamel! The blooms make for long lasting cut flowers, but be cautious of the sap, which can cause skin…

  • Florist Azalea (Azalea )

    Azaleas are popular in gardens throughout the world for their glossy foliage and eye-catching clusters of funnel-like blooms. These same features in Florist Azaleas make them a wonderful choice for instantly brightening any room as a houseplant! May bloom up to six weeks indoors!

  • Azalea Tree (Azalea hybrid)

    All of the great features prized in traditional Florist Azaleas but with a twist. Tree Azaleas provide the same glossy foliage and lush, colorful blooms as regular Azaleas but on a plant that has been groomed into a small tree form. A wonderful gift idea for gardening friends who…

  • Baby's Tears Indoors (Soleirolia soleirolii)

    From a distance Baby’s Tears could easily be confused for moss, its low habit and dense mat of dainty little leaves cover the ground like a carpet. Its delicate charm conceals a surprisingly rugged plant. Baby’s tears grow very quickly, and look charming trailing over the edge of…

  • Begonia Rieger (Begonia x hiemalis)

    Rieger begonias are a cross between tuberous and wax begonias. The result is beautiful glossy foliage with an abundance of dainty flowers. The blooms are an interesting combination of single and double-petaled flowers all produced on the same plant. Adds color and cheer to any room…

  • Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata)

    Boston Ferns are a top houseplant choice for their lush foliage that looks great with any décor. They thrive on humidity, so daily misting in winter months and a gravel and water-filled saucer beneath the pot in warmer months are highly recommended.

  • Bougainvillea Indoors (Bougainvillea species)

    Bouganvilleas are easy to care for and add a tropical touch to interiors or outside on the patio or porch. They come in a variety of brilliant colors. The flowers are actually very small and inconspicuous; it is the colorful modified leaves, called "bracts" that produce the fabulous…

  • Bromeliad / Guzmania

    Scientifically Bromeliads come from broad range of genus with wide ranging habits and sizes. In the houseplant category, Bromeliad usually refers to plants that seem to grow on air, clinging to rocky surfaces or bits of moss and wood. These types need good air circulation and warm…

  • Cactus

    Cacti are perfect for bringing the warmth, color and texture of plants indoors with a minimum of attention needed. They can often go for weeks on a single watering and regular supply of bright light. Mix a variety of the different shapes such as barrel, rosette, spike and paddle for…

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