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Lower Mainland Horticulture Improvement Association

The 2015 Horticulture Growers Short Course program brochure is ready. To view a pdf version of the program,click here and check out our speaker line up and session information.The…

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Protecting Pollinators

Protecting Bees and Pollinators from Hort on Vimeo.

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Acelepryn Registered for Greenhouse and Outdoor Ornamentals

Flowers Canada Growers is very pleased to announce that Acelepryn (chlorantraniliprole) is now registered for use on greenhouse and outdoor ornamentals to control Japanese Beetle.…

Grower Spotlight

Kralt Greenhouses Ltd.

Hamilton, Ontario

Kralt Greenhouses Ltd. has been growing a variety of cut flowers and potted plants at our Flamborough, Ontario location since 1972.  Brothers Jerry and Peter Kralt began the business with their father Jacob (1915-1978), with the purchase of the property and building of 20,000 square feet of greenhouses, and have operated and expanded the business over the years.  We currently have 100,000 square feet under cover, and also grow…

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Flower in-season

  • Desert Rose Indoors (Adenium obesum)

    A most interesting bottle-trunked plant that bears clusters of dainty blooms with little care needed. Use it solo as a centerpiece or interplant with other, lower growing, succulents to create a miniature indoor landscape.

  • African Lily Indoors (Agapanthus species)

    Agapanthus is Native to South Africa. The tall vertical flower stems are topped by a lush cluster of blooms. Brings a distinctive architectural style to the interior and a refreshing tropical feeling. Plant in the garden when flowers have faded and this perennial plant will bring…

  • Amaranthus, Love Lies Bleeding (Amaranthus caudatus)

    The long red, weeping inflorescences of Amaranthus add a graceful elegance to arrangements. The flowers can drape from the vase down to the table, adding a dimensional style not possible with more upright flowers. Can be preserved for dried flower arrangements. Amaranthus symbolize…

  • Anemone, Pasque Flower, Wind Flower (Anemone species)

    Anemone is Greek for “wind flower” because the seeds of the flowers are carried long distances on the wind. The charm and beauty of this flower have been appreciated since the days of the ancient Greeks. It can be found mentioned in many ancient myths and stories. The flower…

  • Anthurium Indoors (Anthurium species)

    Anthurium bring the beauty of lush, green foliage to any room, with little care. An added bonus are the large, interesting blooms that look as if someone painted a leaf with glossy enamel! The blooms make for long lasting cut flowers, but be cautious of the sap, which can cause skin…

  • Aster (Matsumoto, Callistephus chinensis)

    Matsumoto Asters are a cheerful addition to any bouquet. Their bright yellow centers give them a daisy-like charm. Asters are the birth flower for the month of September and symbolize “variety”.

  • Astilbe, False Spirea (Astilbe species)

    Astilbe’s finely cut foliage and feathery flower sprays add grace and elegance to formal arrangements, or a relaxed garden feeling to casual bouquets. The dense, loose flower sprays add height and fullness.

  • Florist Azalea (Azalea )

    Azaleas are popular in gardens throughout the world for their glossy foliage and eye-catching clusters of funnel-like blooms. These same features in Florist Azaleas make them a wonderful choice for instantly brightening any room as a houseplant! May bloom up to six weeks indoors!

  • Azalea Tree (Azalea hybrid)

    All of the great features prized in traditional Florist Azaleas but with a twist. Tree Azaleas provide the same glossy foliage and lush, colorful blooms as regular Azaleas but on a plant that has been groomed into a small tree form. A wonderful gift idea for gardening friends who…

  • Baby's Tears Indoors (Soleirolia soleirolii)

    From a distance Baby’s Tears could easily be confused for moss, its low habit and dense mat of dainty little leaves cover the ground like a carpet. Its delicate charm conceals a surprisingly rugged plant. Baby’s tears grow very quickly, and look charming trailing over the edge of…

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