Suffoil-X Registered for Greenhouse Ornamental Uses

Posted on June 25, 2018 By Flowers Canada Posted In Growers

Flowers Canada is pleased to announce the recent registration of Suffoil-X (mineral oil 80%). This product has long been desired by growers seeking an efficacious and biocompatible solution to many pests of ornamental crops. Suffoil-X controls mealybugs, spider mites, scales, thrips and whitefly nymphs and deters aphid feeding. Suffoil-X can be applied both as a foliar spray and a cutting dip.

Flowers Canada would like to thank Bioworks, Health Canada and Agriculture Canada's Pest Management Centre (PMC) for their efforts to register this product. Suffoil-X was selected as a priority for registration through the PMC in 2011!

For more information on this or other ornamental registration activities please contact Cary Gates at FCG anytime (, 519-836-5495 X228)


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