Using Sterile Leafminer alongside Diglyphus isaea to eradicate Leafminer in Ornamental Greenhouses

Posted on November 1, 2012 By Flowers Canada Posted In Current Projects

This project was approved in June 2012 and seeks to build on the work conducted by Dr. Mike Parrella from the University of California at Davis.  As there are few (if any) pesticides that are affective in controlling leafminer.  Dr. Parrella developed a technique where he irradiated leafminer eggs to sexually sterilize them.  He then isolated the sterile males and released them in bulk in a greenhouse that had a leafminer outbreak.  Dr. Parrella was able to get almost 100% control when releasing the sterile male leafminers alongside the most commonly used biocontrol: Diglyphus isaea.

Our project is looking at the possibility of commercializing the sterilized males.  An MSc student will be looking at the industry, conducting an economic feasibility study and will conduct small scale releases in 5 ornamental greenhouses affected by leafminer (gerbera & potted chrysanthemum).

For More information on this project please contact Cary Gates at


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