Northland Floral Inc.

Northland Floral Inc., located in the beautiful Niagara Region, is a floral wholesaler specializing in cut flowers, potted plants and bouquets. They are dedicated to serving florists, mass markets, garden centers and other related wholesalers.

The Niagara Region has a large concentration of specialized growers, all devoted to providing Northland with a vast variety of superior quality floral products. The Niagara Region also provides Northland with easy access to the U.S. border as well as major highways, allowing them to service the U.S., as well as Central and Eastern Canada.

Northland Floral Inc. was established, in 1995, in Barrie, Ontario. Born out of a desire to provide the floral industry with superior service and products, Northland's vision was to be recognized as an aggressive forward-thinking company. In 1998, Northland expanded and opened a new branch in St. Catharines ON, right in the heart of the Niagara Region. Northland believed this was necessary to be able to provide unrivalled service to their customers located in southern Ontario and the Northeastern U.S.

Northland is now centrally located in, and has access to, a very densely populated area of floral growers and this allows them to be able to provide their customers with not only high-quality products but with a large variety of products as well. Serving a large area, Northland currently services customers in areas ranging from Thunder Bay, Ontario and Northwest Quebec, to the Mid-Western States and the Eastern Seaboard.

Northland Floral Inc. is dedicated to providing all of their customers, no matter how large or small, with unsurpassed service and quality.

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Northland Floral Inc. is located at St Catharines, ON, Canada.

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