Product/Service: ErfGoed has built a leading reputation in the international horticulture market. Starting in The Netherlands in 1958, the company has grown into a worldwide provider of cultivation floors. With ErfGoed technology, growers achieve a range of advantages which strengthen their position in a competitive market. Plant nurseries across the world have chosen ErfGoed as its strategic partner in growth solutions. Continues research and on going innovation drives ErfGoed's leadership in its target markets. Growers value ErfGoed's expertise as instrumental in optimizing their growth results. ErfGoed is encourages to let its customers' businesses grow!

Quality Floors for Excellent Plants.

Locations in Beamsville, ON and Chilliwack, BC

Our Contact Information

Phone: 3(179) 593-3800


Our Location

ErfGoed is located at Bredeweg 59, 2751 GH Moerkapelle, Netherlands.

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