Burd-Kroft Propagation

Product/Service: Cuttings are rooted into a 529 Jiffy with dimensions being 2.5" x 2.5" x 3", therefore, flats hold 32 cuttings per flat. We propagate over 200 varieties of flowering shrubs such as Buddlejas; Quinces; Dogwoods; Cotoneasters; Euonymus; Forsythias; Hibiscus; Hydrangeas; Privets; Ninebarks: Potentillas; Prunus; Willows; Spiraeas; Lilacs; Viburnums; Weigelas, Barberries, Magnolias and many more. Please visit our website for more information.

Our Contact Information

Phone: (226) 234-6253

Website: http:/www.burdkroftpropagation.ca

Our Location

Burd-Kroft Propagation is located at 24640 Melbourne Rd, Strathroy, ON N7G 3H5, Canada.

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