Social Distancing Policies

Social Distancing policies from CFIA

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) have released guidance on social distancing for facilities where CFIA staff need to continue inspection activities. Properties with CFIA staff on site will need to ensure appropriate social distancing policies as well as disclosure of COVID-19 finds on the farm. For more information, see the following link:

Recommended Social Distancing Protocols and Procedures for Garden Centers from Flowers Canada (Ontario) Inc.:
The following are recommended protocols for retail garden centres to utilize based on guidance from the Province of Ontario and guidelines adopted by other Canadian provinces.

Cohorting (working in a bubble or within teams):
Consider creating cohorts, a.k.a. “teams” or “bubbles” that live, work, take breaks, and transport to and from locations together, thereby limiting interaction to those within the same team or bubble. Cohorts of workers are like a family unit. They can help limit virus spread among a workforce and be valuable if public health agencies need to trace close contacts where COVID-19 positive case(s) are identified. The implementation of cohorts/teams/bubbles could be a best practice in reducing the risk of spread amongst all workers on a particular operation. This particular approach may also be useful to limit community spread from workers that travel to and from the farm to those living on-farm. Limiting exposure between groups could potentially limit the need for mass isolation of a farm’s workforce.

Contract employees and temp agencies:
Based on information available on recent COVID-19 outbreaks on farms, it has come to our attention that growers employing workers through provincial recruitment agencies can face an increased risk of an outbreak amongst their workers due to a lack of quarantine and public health protocol enforcement by some agencies. If growers choose to work with recruitment agencies, they should ensure that the agencies are strictly enforcing all quarantine and public health requirements.


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