Health and Safety

Federal and provincial governments have encouraged agriculture to take all necessary measures toward protecting the health of their employees, and that of government employees who may have to enter your properties. Please note that the CFIA have expressed great concern with potential exposure to COVID-19 for their staff. Your CFIA contacts may request information on your health and safety guidelines toward protection from infection, and the federal government is encouraging all farms to engage with their local health authority toward ensuring health and safety on your farms. Below please find some additional links of value on health and safety relating to COVID-19:

from the Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council (CAHRC):

from the Canadian Federal of Agriculture (CFA):

from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB):

Guidelines for Health and Safety of Agricultural Workers from WSPS:

Mental health resources available to farmers is available below:

Sourcing Personal Protective Equipment
Many businesses are using personal protective equipment (PPE) to support their teams where social distancing is not possible; however, sourcing PPE has been a challenge for many businesses across Canada. Several provinces have endeavored to provide assistance to business owners in sourcing PPE. This link will lead to a document provided by the federal government outlining provincial resources to sourcing PPE. Financial assistance to access PPE is available here.

Other Health and Safety Tools:
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services - Pandemic Awareness Course (free of charge) -

Mask Safety Basics Video -

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services - Decontaminating your workplace Checklist -

Heat Stress & COVID-19:
Heat Stress and PPE -


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