Colasanti Farms Ltd.

PRODUCT: Certified under Greenhouse Certification and JB Program. Potted Plants: Specializing in unique premium tropicals including Coffee, Figs, Olive, Citrus Trees, Banana, Aralias 6", HB Clean Air Assortment, Perennial Cactus, Hens & Chicks. Carnivorous Plants: Venus Fly Traps, Nepenthes, Asian Pitcher. Pachira & Flowering Hibiscus. Aloe Vera Medicine Plant, Grafted Cactus, Haworthia, Fairy Castle Cactus, Echeveria, Living Stones, Cactus Gardens, Staghorn Ferns, Jade, Tillandsia, Zebra Plant, & Chocolate Soldier. Also a full line of California grown Cactus & Succulents.

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Phone: (519) 326-3287

Fax: (519) 322-2302


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SAVE THE DATE FCO 47th Annual Golf Tournament

Flowers Canada (Ontario) Inc. will be hosting our 47th annual golf tournament on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 at the Peninsula Lakes Golf…

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Kopa Cutting Dips Approved

Flowers Canada is pleased to announce that Kopa Insecticidal Soap (Potassium salts of fatty acids) has been approved for use as a cutting…

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